Our agency competences are constantly evolving in order to find new and interesting ways to make our clients’ brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.

That demands we have best-in-class talent across the following disciplines:

Data and research

In order to truly understand the market, the customers and the brand, we do the hard work, and we do the math. But the math is only relevant once it’s understood as human needs and insights.
A big part of our offering is helping clients understand and digest their own data.

– Planning
– Market research
– User studies
– Behavioural analysis
– Neurological analysis
– Data strategy

Strategy and concept

We develop strategically sound concepts rooted in business goals and geared towards satisfying consumers’ needs. Anchored in the DNA of the brand, our concepts are always based on a deep understanding of the business, the market, and the consumers.

– Brand strategy
– Communication strategy
– Digital strategy
– Social strategy
– User journey strategy
– Positioning strategy
– Value proposition development
– Creative brand concepts

Brand and product design

A unique visual brand identity is key to standing out and connecting emotionally. It creates consistency and a focal point through every piece of communication. From logo, to packaging, to the CEO’s PowerPoint – we take enormous pride in creating the unspoken language of a brand.

– Brand design / CVI / Identity
– Brand campaigns
– Tactical campaigns
– Visual identities
– Product development & prototyping
– Digital design
– Integrated campaigns

Media and content

Being relevant and choosing the right channels has become a critical discipline for every brand. The choice of what to say and where to say it is like a Rubik’s Cube with unlimited sides. We back ourselves on making the right choices on behalf of our clients, so they can make the right impact.

– Employer communication / branding
– Brand activation
– Branded content
– Social content
– Experiential content
– PR
– Marketing toolboxes (brand asset hubs)
– AdWords
– Social media strategy
– UX
– UI
– Keyword analysis
– Mobile applications
– Influencer marketing

Production and execution

The most crucial touchpoint in any customer journey is one where the customer directly interacts with the brand or product. A TVC might be remembered for a while after it’s aired, but the impact of the right packaging or catalogue can last far longer.

– Packaging
– Websites
– Film production
– Photo production
– Content production
– Demonstration tools
– Copywriting
– Translation
– Adaptations
– Catalogues
– Folders
– Banners
– Posters
– Outdoor
– Employer branding
– Events
– Exhibitions
– Newsletters
– Sales kit/material
– In-store material


We take measurement and analytics seriously in order to deliver the right results. It was once said that you can’t improve if you don’t measure. And in order to create value for your business, we strive to understand what works, and why.
Our sister agency BEHAVIOR CPH specializes in tracking human behavior through the use of:

– Qualitative user studies
– Behavioural analysis based on neurological research
– Data mining



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